NVIDIA Titan RTX: Performance and Specs

NVIDIA® TITAN RTX™ is the quickest PC design card at any point manufactured. It’s fueled by the honour winning Turing™ engineering, bringing 130 Tensor TFLOPs of execution, 576 tensor centres, and 24 GB of ultra-quick GDDR6 memory to your PC.

TITAN RTX trains propelled models like ResNet-50 and GNMT up to 4X quicker than Titan XP. What’s more, RAPIDS trains models up to 3X quicker than CPUs. Worked with multi-accuracy Turing Tensor Cores, TITAN RTX conveys advancement execution from FP32, FP16, INT8, and INT4, permitting quicker preparing and inferencing of neural systems. Furnished with double the memory limit of past age TITAN GPUs and NVIDIA NVLink™, TITAN RTX empowers specialists and information researchers to explore different avenues regarding bigger neural systems and datasets than at any other time, all on GPU memory.


  • Operating system Certification: Windows 7 (64 pieces), Windows 10 (64 pieces) (April 2018 Update or later), Linux 64 piece
  • 4608 NVIDIA CUDA centers running at 1770 MegaHertZ support clock; NVIDIA Turing design
  • New 72 RT centres for the quickening of beam following
  • 576 Tensor Cores for AI quickening; Recommended power supply 650 watts
  • 24 GB of GDDR6 memory running at 14 Gigabits for every second for up to 672 GB/s of memory data transfer capacity
  • NVIDIA NVLink HB connect for adaptable memory and execution
  • VirtualLink for disentangled HMD availability by means of a solitary USB-C connector

NVIDIA TITAN RTX powers Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The most requesting clients need the best apparatuses. TITAN RTX is based on NVIDIA’s Turing GPU design and incorporates the most recent Tensor Core and RT Core innovation for quickening AI and beam following. It’s additionally upheld by NVIDIA drivers and SDKs so engineers, specialists, and makers can work quicker and convey better outcomes.

Train AI models quicker with 576 NVIDIA Turing blended exactness Tensor Cores conveying 130 TFLOPS of AI execution. Bolstered by NVIDIA’s CUDA-X AI SDK, including cuDNN, TensorRT, and in excess of 15 different libraries. Works with all well known profound learning structures and is good with NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).

Work quicker with 4608 NVIDIA Turing CUDA centers quickening start to finish information science work processes. Procedure immense informational collections with 24 GB GDDR6 memory (or 48 GB with NVLink). Begin today with the RAPIDS suite of libraries for information science, based on NVIDIA’s CUDA-X AI SDK. Create on your PC and convey to the server farm effortlessly.

Motivation doesn’t pause. Assemble immense vivid universes and dazzling characters, quicken multi-application work processes, and alter 8K video progressively. 24 GB of memory and 72 Turing RT centres conveying 11 Gigarays every second empower you to take on the most requesting ventures.


Nvidia Titan RTX

Nvidia Titan RTX

Nvidia Titan RTX

Nvidia Titan RTX

Nvidia Titan RTX

Nvidia Titan RTX

Multiple GPU Scalability

Nvidia Titan RTX
Nvidia Titan RTX

The TITAN RTX NVLink™ connect associates two TITAN RTX cards together over a 100 GB/s interface. The outcome is a successful multiplying of memory ability to 48 GB, so you can prepare neural systems quicker, process significantly bigger datasets, and work with probably the greatest rendering models.

  • Fan: Dual 13-blade fans produce 3X higher airflow and ultra-quiet acoustics.
  • TITAN RTX NVLink™ Bridge: Double the effective GPU memory capacity to 48 GB and scale performance with up to 100 GB/s in the total bandwidth of data transfer utilizing the NVIDIA NVLink™ technology.
  • NVIDIA Turing GPU: TITAN RTX accelerates photorealistic ray-tracing with 72 RT Cores, AI workflows with 576 Tensor Cores, and parallel computing with 4608 NVIDIA CUDA® cores for developers, researchers, creators, and enthusiasts.
  • GDDR6 Memory: 24 GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory provides up to 672 GB/s of memory bandwidth for greater throughput and to handle larger datasets.
  • Power Supply: The all-new 13-phase iMON DrMOS power supply delivers more headroom and sub-millisecond power management for maximum overclocking.
  • Vapour Chamber: This full-card vapoUr chamber is 2X larger to maximize heat spreading and heat transfer to the fin-stack.
  • Cover: A forged and machine-finished diecast aluminium cover with diamond-cut edge detailing provides a rigid, lightweight frame for an open design with beautifully smooth, continuous curves
  • VirtualLink: The VirtualLink™* connector simplifies connectivity by meeting the power, display, and bandwidth demands of the next-gen HMD devices to support more immersive experiences.
  • DisplayPort 1.4 8K @60 HZ: Drive ultra-high resolutions of up to 8K @60 Hz from a single link.


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