Nubia RedMagic 5G Review: A Smartphone for Gamers

RedMagic is a gaming phone brand from Nubia, and these gaming phones typically offer things like high performance, a fast display, big batteries, and gaming triggers. The RedMagic 5G is a successor of the RedMagic 3S. It also had high performance, gaming triggers, and a 90 Hz. The Redmagic has bumped that display up to 144 Hz display, adds a triple camera setup and an on-screen fingerprint reader.

So as a gaming phone the RedMagic 5G comes with an impressive set of specs including a Snapdragon 865, a 6.6-inch AMOLED display with Corning Gorilla glass, 144 Hz display, 8 GB /12 GB of ram on different variants, 4500 MAH battery, 8k Video recording, on-screen fingerprint scanner, and active liquid cooling.


Specifications of RedMagic 5G smartphone


Nubia RedMagic 5G review: It’s all about gaming

The RedMagic 5G has four gaming-specific features

144 Hz display- Most phones come with a 60 Hz display, which means they refresh the pixels on the screen 60 times a second. Some high-end phones also come with 90 Hz and 120 Hz display. But the RedMagic 5G has got 144 Hz display which really does raise it above all other smartphones.

Liquid Cooling- Basically it means a fan and a cooling system inside, which is designed to allow the user to go for long hours of gaming without device overheating.

redmagic cooling technology, Smartphone for Gamers

Gaming Triggers– Gaming triggers are placed on the side of the device, so when you put the phone into landscape mode, there are shoulder buttons on the phone which allow you to shift control of the on-screen gaming controls to the shoulder buttons so that you can use your index fingers to play games.

Dedicated Game Modes– It switches your device from normal Android launcher into the Game Mode Launcher, which boosts your gaming views.

Game mode launcher, 144 hz display smartphone


When you look at the design of the RedMagic 5G, from the lines on the design on the back of the device, from the metal finish, from the grills of the active cooling you will definitely feel that it is a gaming phone. The back of the device is quite distinctive there is a triple camera setup, there is also a couple of logos, and Redmagic is printed which actually has LED lighting underneath. You can control them in software for fade and flashing and different kinds of breathing patterns.


In terms of gameplay you won’t be disappointed, there is a leading class processor inside this phone, you will get good memory, and storage combination. So games like Fortnite, call of duty and Pubg and critical ops will play good without any problem.


Audio Performance

In terms of audio, the RedMagic 5G has a front-firing speaker with the earpieces and a down-firing speaker on the bottom. However, that still does give you a good stereo effect when you are holding the phone in landscape mode, and your hand blocks that down-firing speaker. There is a headphone jack and so if you do want to get the best out of the stereo separation in things like gaming or youtube then you can use headphones.


Battery Life: How long does it last?

In terms of battery life, you can play intensive 3-D games for about five hours on a single charge. If you exploring Netflix, youtube, or something else you can do it for about 14-15 hours. With a combination of all your tasks on the smartphone like gaming, using social media, music, etc, the battery can last up for at least 24 hours with a single charge of the battery.

With the smartphone, you will get an 18-watt fast charger which can charge your phone up to 50% in about 40 minutes and a full charge will almost take an hour and a half. The phone can support up to 55 watts of fast charging.

Detailed Camera Specifications

One problem that RedMagic 3S had was that it has a single camera, but the RedMagic 5G comes with the triple camera setup. You have a 64-megapixel shooter (Sony IMX686). The second sensor which is not a zoomed-in sensor is an 8 MP ultra-wide lens and the sensor setup. The third one is also not a zoomed-in sensor but a 2 MP macro sensor.

Overall the photos are not that fantastic and not that bad, they seem to be good. But there is a problem in the software that won’t allow you to switch to the 8 MP ultra-wide sensor from with inside the main UI, you need to go into the pro mode to switch between the lenses.

The camera also has a built-in night mode for taking pictures in low light which works very well.

In terms of videos, the device supports 8K video recording at 30 fps, you can record 4K and 1080p at 60 fps as well and you have a choice between h.264 and h.265 and HDR 10.

There is also a built-in portrait mode on the rear camera which does works very well. But the portrait mode in the front-facing camera does not seem to be that effective.





1) GeekBench 5 Scores

This device score 933 on Geekbench 5 for a single-core score and 3160 for the multi-core score.


2) 3D-Mark Sling Shot Extreme- OpenGL ES3.1

The device scores 7248 on 3D-Mark Sling Shot Extreme- OpenGL ES3.1 test.

3) 3D Mark Sling Shot Volcano

The device scores 6685 3D Mark Sling Shot Volcano.



The RedMagic 5G comes with built-in active cooling, the idea being that the fan is able to keep the CPU and GPU cooler. Which means it can run at a more sustained performance for longer periods of time.


Flaws in Software 

There is no way to display the battery percentage in the status bar of the smartphone, in fact, there is no battery menu in the setting. You have to download an additional app to keep track of your battery.

One thing that is particularly bad on the RedMagic 5G is the screen fingerprint reader. You have to try for at least 4-5 times with different positions of your finger rolling over the screen to register a fingerprint on the smartphone.

The biggest deal-breaker with RedMagic 5G is that you can not change the default launcher. Nubia has intentionally blocked the changing of the default launcher.


Pros and Cons of the RedMagic 5G

Specifications of RedMagic 5G smartphone

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