Mobile GPU comparison, Explanation, and ranking

GPU, it stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It processes all the graphics on your system while you are playing video games, all the animations we see on apps, movie playback, video playback. A more powerful GPU will result in better animation and graphics. Topics to be discussed in the article are:

  • GPU in Mobile phones
  • Mobile GPU comparison
  • Mobile GPU types
  • Mobile GPU ranking 2020
  • GPU in computer

GPU in Mobile Phones

GPU is present on the mobile SOCs (System on Chip) along with CPU, wifi, Bluetooth, IPU, etc. They are so placed and connected for better processing and output speed.

Mobile GPU Types


Adreno is the name of the GPU series developed by Qualcomm for use in their SOCs. Companies like Xiaomi, LG, some phones of Samsung use Adreno GPUs. Adreno performance is higher than in Mali. Thus, in Snapdragon 625, processing power of Adreno 506 is about 130 Gflops(Billion Floating Point Operations per second), while its rival MTK Helio P10 with Mali T860 Mp2 has the processing power of 47 Gflops. Adreno has a larger set of API (software developer tools) and their newer version. Due to lower clock frequency and multiple processors, Adreno GPUs are more powerful and less likely to overheat.



mobile gpu types, graphic processing unit


Mali is the GPU series maintained by ARM technology, they are used by most of the chipmakers such as MediaTek, Samsung, Spreadtrum, and Nvidia. Chipsets of Mali are cheaper than other chipsets which makes them suitable for most budget oriented smartphones. Mali GPU’s have higher clock speed than most of the Adreno GPU’s even in the top end for example:- Snapdragon 625 has Adreno 506 GPU whose clock speed is 650 Mhz while in the same segment Mali-T880 offers a clock speed of 850 MHz. Mali GPUs have fewer shader cores than its competitors,  that is why top-end games failed to play efficiently on Mali GPUs. Mali GPUs have limited configuration for example:- Mali T720 MP2 contains two cores and in the same price, other GPUs have a better configuration. Due to the high clock frequency, Mali GPUs are more vulnerable to overheating.


mobile gpu ranking 2020

PowerVR is the division of Imagination Technologies that build software and Hardware for different devices. PowerVR GPUs were used in Apple 4 mobile phones and in MediaTek Helio P90, Apple A9 processor had PowerVR GT 7600 in it. Along with mobile phones, PowerVR chips are used in set-top boxes, Smart TVs, even in the car infotainment system. Imagination builds their GPU on two types of architecture the first is Rogue architecture which is mainly used in their chips since 2012, and the other is Furion architecture.

Apple GPU


gpu in mobile phones

Apple designed its own GPU architecture and used them in A11 Bionic and A12 Bionic. Performance wise the GPUs are doing very good.

To read more about these GPU types follow their official site.

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Factors that Influence GPU Performance

The major factors that determine the performance of a Mobile GPU are:-.

1) GPU Architecture and Fabrication Process

With the technical advancement, it is quite obvious that a GPU with a new architecture is tested to perform better.

In a Mali GPU, the number just next to Mali corresponds to the particular architecture or design it is using. For example, in “Mali-G76 MP10”, G76 is the name of the architecture and as of 2018, it is the most powerful GPU ARM has ever designed.

A better fabrication process leads to better and efficient performance.

2) GPU Clock Frequency

The higher the GPU frequency, the better will be the performance of the GPU.

3) Number of Cores/Processing Units

In Mali GPUs, the number cores are the same as the number written in their codename just after MP. For example, Mali-G72 MP18 has 18 cores. Apple and Qualcomm do not reveal the number of cores in their GPU.

Two GPUs with the same architecture but a different number of cores can have a significant impact on the performance.


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Mobile GPU Ranking 2020

Rankings in decreasing order of processors and their GPUs.


A13 Bionic (Custom GPU)A13 Bionic
A12 Bionic (Custom GPU)A12 Bionic
Adreno 650Snapdragon 865
Mali-G77 MP11Exynos 990
Adreno 640Snapdragon 855+
Adreno 640Snapdragon 855
Mali-G76 MP16Kirin 990
Mali-G76 MP12Exynos 9825
Mali-G76 MP12Exynos 9820
Adreno 630Snapdragon 845
A11 Bionic (Custom GPU)A11 Bionic
Mali-G72 MP18Exynos 9810
Mali G76 MP10Kirin 980
Mali G71 MP20Exynos 8895
Adreno 540Snapdragon 835
Adreno 620Snapdragon 765G
Mali G72 MP12Kirin 970
Mali G72 MP12Kirin 810
Adreno 618Snapdragon 730G
Mali-G76 MC4Helio G90T
Mali-G76 MC4Helio G90
Mali G72 MP12Kirin 970
IMG PowerVR GM 9446 GPUHelio P95
IMG PowerVR GM 9446 GPUHelio P90
Adreno 618Snapdragon 730
Adreno 616Snapdragon 712
Adreno 616Snapdragon 710
Adreno 615Snapdragon 670
Mali G72 MP3Exynos 9611
Mali G72 MP3Exynos 9610
Mali G72 MP3Exynos 9609
Adreno 612Snapdragon 675
Mali-G52 MC2Helio G70
Adreno 512Snapdragon 660
PowerVR 7XTP-MT4Helio X30
Mali G51Kirin 710
Mali G72 MP3Helio P70
Mali G72 MP3Helio P60
Adreno 509Snapdragon 636
Mali G71 MP2Exynos 7885
Adreno 508Snapdragon 630
Mali T830 MP3Exynos 7880
Mali G71 MP2Exynos 7904
Mali G71 MP2Helio P30
Mali T880 MP2Helio P25
Mali G71 MP2Helio P23
Mali G71 MP1Exynos 7872
Adreno 506Snapdragon 632
Adreno 506Snapdragon 626
Adreno 506Snapdragon 625
Adreno 506Snapdragon 450
Mali T830 MP2Kirin 659
Adreno 505Snapdragon 439
Adreno 505Snapdragon 435
Adreno 505Snapdragon 430
PowerVR GE8320Helio P35
Mali T830 MP1Exynos 7870




GPU in Computer/Laptop

GPU plays the same role in the computer and gives you a better experience while playing video games, video editing, video processing, etc. In a PC we have two types of GPU’s the first one is inbuilt and the second is dedicated.

  1. Inbuilt or Integrated GPU– A GPU unit is present in CPU on the motherboard for processing regular graphics and animations in your computer.
  2. Dedicated GPU– For more usage and good gaming and animation experience you need a dedicated graphics card along with the inbuilt graphics card.

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