MediaTek Helio P70 Specification Details and Smartphone list

The MediaTek Helio P70 is built on the platform of Helio P60, with more power efficiency improvements, and improved clock speed to give its users a powerful and enhanced experience with longer battery hours.



Helio P70 processor (Hardware Specs)

  • The octa-core processor of Helio P70 incorporates Arm Cortex-A73 and Arm Cortex-A53 cores with a faster clock speed which generates up to 13{4c8208f40a3bfb7c707da805487d02877323e3f237411057a481ffa403c1a164} more power than the Helio P60. The Arm Mali-G72 class GPU will give you enhanced gaming experience using multi-threading optimizations with focus on latency improvements in critical user areas to provide more responsive gameplay experience. While playing heavy games like PUBG, Fortnite, Helio P70 provides 7{4c8208f40a3bfb7c707da805487d02877323e3f237411057a481ffa403c1a164} better DOU and up to 35{4c8208f40a3bfb7c707da805487d02877323e3f237411057a481ffa403c1a164} lower power versus the P60.
  • Helio P70 uses TSMC 12nm FinFET process technology. MediaTek’s CorePilot 4.0 technology manages to task on processing resources for faster and sustainable user experience through thermal management, UX monitoring and Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS+).
  • Its 20:9 Full HD+ display resolution support in modern smartphone design gives their user full fascia coverage beautiful experience.
  • The APU combined with  MediaTek NeuroPilot enhancements and intelligent multi-threading scheduler delivers 30{4c8208f40a3bfb7c707da805487d02877323e3f237411057a481ffa403c1a164} more AI processing efficiency than Helio P60.

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Image Processing (photography and videography)

  • Its High-resolution depth engine enables 24fps visual bokeh and 3X boost in depth-mapping performance.
  • Its hardware has the ability to process RAW HDR, real-time HDR capture, record and processing. Other HDR-centric enhancements include RAW-domain multi-frame HDR capture and Zig-Zag HDR.
  • The user will not experience a stutter while taking a burst of photos because there is a 20{4c8208f40a3bfb7c707da805487d02877323e3f237411057a481ffa403c1a164} boost in performance of the MFNR(MFLL) (conversion of fast shot to JPEG processing).
  • The hardware warping engine used for Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) uses 23mA less current per second.
  • The Anti-Blooming engine gives you accurate AI facial detection with scene detection and prevents white-out to generate better AE (auto exposure), AF (autofocus), AWB (auto white balance).

Connectivity using 4G LTE WorldMode Modem with Latest Technologies

  • 4G LTE WorldMode modem with a power efficient design with latest cellular standards.
  • VoLTE and ViLTE 4G services can be enabled on either of the cellular connection. VoLTE and ViLTE are known to provide best user experience with faster call setup, and better sound quality.G LTE benefits are available for the second sim for faster data connectivity, reliable network coverage, with low power consumption.
  • MediaTek uses MediaTek’s innovative Transmission Antenna Switching (TAS 2.0) technology for the best antenna combination to provide sustained signal quality at low power.

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