A13 Bionic chip specifications. A13 vs A12 Bionic chip

A13 Bionic chip Specifications


Apple-designed CPU- Two performance cores tackle heavy computational tasks, and four efficiency cores take on everyday tasks. The newest performance controller dynamically divides work access to these cores, harnessing all six when a power boost is needed. It is manufactured by TSMC on their 2nd generation 7 nm and contains 8.5 billion transistors


The Apple A13 Bionic features an Apple-designed 64-bit ARMv8.3-A six-core CPU, with two high-performance cores called the Lightning cores running at 2.65 GHz and four energy-efficient cores called the Thunder. The Lightning cores feature machine learning accelerators called AMX blocks. Apple claims the AMX blocks are six times faster at matrix multiplication than the Apple A12’s Vortex cores. The AMX blocks are capable of up to one trillion 8-bit operations per second.

Apple claims the two high-performance cores are 20% faster with a 30% reduction in power consumption. and the four high-efficiency cores are 20% faster with a 40% reduction in power when compared to the A12.

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Apple-designed GPU: A new fourth core and lossless memory compression big gains in graphics performance to games, video, editing, and visually demanding apps.
4-core GPU: The A13 integrates an Apple-designed four-core graphics processing unit (GPU) with 20% faster graphics performance and 40% lower power consumption than the A12 Bionic.


Apple claims their A13’s eight-core Neural Engine dedicated neural network hardware is 20% faster and consumes 15% lower power than the A12.



Power Efficiency

A13 is apple’s most efficient chip in a smartphone. A13 bionic uses advanced improves 2nd generation 7 nm transistor for high performance and low power. To get high performance with low power Apple developed a hot Apple architected CPU.

The cores are the most efficient place to run lightweight tasks and powerful enough to use most of the time giving you great battery life. At the design level, they have applied many lower-power design techniques. For example, there are hundreds of voltage domains in the chip, it lights up only those sections of the chip that need to function at any given time.

The chip has hundreds of thousands of Gerlach gating domains to turn on the smallest amount of logic in a chip dramatically reducing power. It results in the highest-performing most efficient design ever. All the cores including the CPU, GPU, and NPU are 20% faster and 40% more power-efficient. In addition, combined with the thermal design of the iPhone 11 series. iPhone 11 series has a best-sustained performance ever in an iPhone.


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is used all through an iPhone and in their chips. The CPU, the GPU, and the neural engine are all optimized for different types of machine learning workloads. In A13 they made them all faster for ML, particularly for CPU.

They added brand new machine learning accelerators in their CPU. These accelerators are built to run matrix multiplication very fast, an operation that is used frequently in ML computation. These dedicated accelerators allow the CPU to process matrix math operations up to 6X faster. Making the CPU capable of over 1 trillion operations per second.

As developers will experiment more on ML this CPU can accelerate the nascent evolving model. In addition, the chip works with the latest generation of the apple design machine learning controller. So, ML models can be automatically and seamlessly scheduled on the CPU, GPU, and neural engine balancing efficiency and performance.

The new iPhone 11 creates a fully integrated platform where developers can do some incredible things like natural language processing, image classification, and character animation and people occlusion in AR apps. This makes an iPhone 11 series the best Machine Learning platform in any smartphone.

A13 vs A12 Bionic chip

FeatureApple A13 BionicApple A12 Bionic
Process TechnologyTSMC N7PTSMC N7
CPUHexa-core (2 high performance Lightning + 4 high efficiency Thunder)Hexa-core (2× high performance Vortex + 4× high efficiency Tempest
Max CPU Clock rate2.65 GHz2.49 GHz
GPUApple-designed 4 coreApple-designed 4 core, internal name Apple G11P
Total Area of chip98.48 mm sq83.27 mm sq
Instruction setA64A64
Powered DevicesiPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
iPhone 11
iPhone XS and XS Max
iPhone XR
iPad Mini (5th generation)
iPad Air (2019, 3rd generation)

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